Unbelievably weird “Martian Baby Girl” shares daily life on tvN’s “Martian Virus”

She’s not a celebrity, but by now more people probably know her name than most of the idol debuts in the recent months. The October 18th broadcast of tvN‘s “Martian Virus” saw a woman named Park Kyeorae confess to being a baby.


Nicknamed the “Martian Baby Girl” by netizens, she’s quickly become a viral topic online for the past couple of days. Many netizens are unable to pick their jaws up off of the floor and are trying to wrap their heads around the concept that such an adult without any mental handicaps can even exist.

She’s essentially completely dependent on her boyfriend, who not only cleans and does her laundry, but picks her nose for her and shaves her armpits. Asked by the MC whether she’s even embarrassed by it all, she replied, “I think my boyfriend must have noticed how dirty I was getting because I don’t wash. He used to shave for me and now he plucks too. I am apologetic, but also grateful.

The 21-year-old gave a run down of her day, explaining, “Before he heads off to work, my boyfriend comes by and washes me and feeds me my breakfast. I don’t do anything else and stay still until he comes home. He cleans, does the laundry and dishes, feeds me, washes my hair, and carries me when we move.

Her equally crazy boyfriend shared his own two cents (really, I’m surprised he’s even able to think for himself) by adding through tears, “One day, I turned around after doing the dishes for her to see the horrible condition my hands were in. I wondered to myself what I was doing with my life.

You’re being pussy whipped on the most epic scale imaginable is what you’re doing with your life.

But it doesn’t even stop there. He added, “After I finish my 12 hours at work, I drop by her house and put her to sleep before I go home. I don’t know when things got like this. Really, I can’t resist when she does aegyo to me though.



Source: TV Report