Koda Kumi is getting married suddenly… Which means somebody knocked her up

Last I heard, Koda Kumi was still rumored to be doing the nasty on the regular with SMAP‘s Masahiro Nakai, so needless to say, her engagement to BACK-ON‘s KENJI03 is a surprise.

On December 13th, Koda Kumi (29) made an announcement via her official website that she is getting married to KENJI03 (27), the vocalist and guitarist of mixture rock band BACK-ON.

Koda wrote on her official site, “He is a wonderful man who accepts everything about me as an artist Koda Kumi, and also makes it comfortable so I can stay as the way I am. I wish that we will make a family that’s full of smiles, so please watch over us with your warm eyes. Please continue to support me.”

Of course, about 79.42153% of the time*, when surprise engagements happen between celebrities it means that a kid is on the way.

We’ll soon see.

*Statistic I just made up.


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