Korean government embarrasses Korea by sending idol calendars to embassies

While it was plain to see that the Korean government was invested in K-pop because they wanted to use it as a vehicle to spread their country’s culture around the world, sending K-pop idol calendars to international embassies goes above and beyond confirming that assumption.

More importantly, it’s embarrassing as fuck.

To promote K-Pop idol groups all over the world, the Korean government has produced special photo calendars for international embassies.

Produced by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, the ’2012 K-Pop Photo Calendars’ were sent to 170 different embassies. The calendars contain pictures of top K-Pop stars, as well as short introductions on traditional Korean instruments — ultimately seeking to introduce the variety of Korean pop culture and music.

Embassy staff the world over will find photos of Super Junior, f(x), Big Bang, 2NE1, Wonder Girls, 2PM, miss A, KARA, B2ST, 4minute, T-ara, and SISTAR.

A representative of the ministry stated, “Through these calendars, we hope to introduce Korean culture and Hallyu to major media outlets and cultural art centers all over the world.”

That sound you hear is every rational Korean person facepalming.

I can only imagine the Nigerian embassy receiving these calendars and thinking about how all of the males in it would be burned alive in their country.


As part of the K-pop community, I realize we’re insular and tend to be in our own separate world, so maybe this doesn’t sound that ridiculous on the surface. However, consider how this news would be treated had England sent out Spice Girls calendars. Or if the United States sent The Jonas Brothers to Japan or Canada sent Justin Bieber to China. Ugh.

It’s just…it makes you want to roll your eyes. Like why in the fuck would you want them to represent your country? Out of all the awesome stuff Korea has accomplished in the past couple of decades, pop music is what they want their country to be known for?

I would kill myself if Kanye West was used to represent my country. Fuck my life.


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