‘Miss Korea 1995′ Han Sung Joo allegedly involved in sex scandal!

So if you haven’t heard yet, Han Sung Joo, who was Miss Korea 1995 and is a current news anchor, allegedly has a sex tape and pictures of her floating around the internet.

If it’s her, then it sounds like she pissed a couple guys off and/or those guys are psychopaths, because the sex tape and pictures aren’t even the worst part of it, as they posted up her passport and evidence of abortions.


Initially, it was just reported as a rumor

The video was uploaded by individual ‘C’, who claims to be the friend of ‘B’, the ex-boyfriend of celebrity ‘A’. Explaining why they uploaded the video, ‘C’ explained, “I was sick and tired of ‘A’ being so selfish and fake, always hurting all the people that she is surrounded by.”

More details regarding C’s reasons could not be confirmed, however, individual A’s nude photos were shared along with her passport photo.

…but netizens work fast, and the connections weren’t hard to make.

Official sources have not yet confirmed the identities of the three individuals, but various reports refer to celebrity ‘A’ as Han Sung Joo, a 1995 Miss Korea model and current news anchor.

Though unconfirmed, the former pageant queen bears a striking resemblance to the female in the sex tape. Netizens allege that she seems to be the only celebrity that fits the descriptions that have been released.

Meanwhile, individual ‘C’ (the person responsible for leaking the video) posted the following on his personal blog today: “The image you see of ‘A’ on TV is completely fabricated. She is the kind of person who believes the world revolves around herself.”

Following C’s lead, ‘B’ shared the same video on his blog as well as a scanned copy of A’s passport photo and her hospital records, solidifying rumors about A’s identity. ”The passport picture that ‘B’ released also provides weight to the claim that Han Sung Joo is the celebrity in question.”

“Don’t be fooled by her exterior,” B continued. “She’s even urinated on my laptop once. She is utterly selfish, arrogant and self-centered. After being in a relationship with her, I learned what a narcissistic, two-faced person she is. No one knows what she is capable of. She will aggressively retaliate against you, even if it means that she needs to break the law,” he continued.

And in regards to celebrity ‘A’ taking legal action against him, ‘B’ remarked, “Her suing me will not change the past. If I was only trying to defame her character to a certain extent, I wouldn’t even have started all of this. If need be, I will gladly go to court.”

‘B’ also responded to the public, who argued that this was an invasion of personal privacy. “I’m just trying to tell my unfortunate personal story. Everything I’m saying is 100% true. How is that an invasion of privacy? I would like to reiterate the point that the female in the video is indeed TV personality, ‘celebrity A’.

Uh … wow.

That’s one hell of a story, but in many cases, people need to see it to believe it, so I’ll let you decide whether it’s her for yourself.

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*Click For Uncensored*

In addition to the pictures, there’s a video that’s about three minutes long that you can download here (link is down).


I dunno about you guys, but it seems legitimate to me.

Of course, even if everything does check out as authentic, it doesn’t mean it’s right, as the two guys involved in ruining her life seem seriously demented and obsessed with her.


Be entertained.