JYP admits taking Wonder Girls to America was a bad idea, comes up with excuses

JYP recently spoke candidly (almost) about the Wonder Girls‘ adventure in America.

“If the Wonder Girls and I did not challenge the U.S. market, JYP would have probably made much more money, and I would have probably become a wealthy person with tens of millions of dollars, and Wonder Girls would have had more popularity in Korea than now.

As you can see, it got off to a good start, basically admitting that it was a gigantic mistake.

We might have wasted popularity as well as tens of millions of dollars on that challenge, but we have gained hundreds of millions of dollars worth of wisdom, clashing and breaking while tackling the biggest market in the world. Genuine wisdom can only be obtained as you face hardships while taking on the impossible.

I have known, since a long time ago, about what I have to do in order to safely gain money and fame. However, I’ve always done the opposite.

Money and fame come and go like the wind, but wisdom will protect myself and the kids [idols] for a lifetime. For me, I would like my singers to grow up as wise individuals more so than successful celebrities. In order for that to happen, they must gain wisdom through various challenges when they are young. That is why I’m really anticipating what the Wonder Girls will be like in 20 years. I don’t know if they’ll still be working as celebrities then or not, but I’m confident that they will be happier and cooler than any other celebrity through the wisdom they have gained over the past few years.

Translation: “They flopped in America so I’m gonna fabricate bullshit about it being about life experiences.


While I understand that celebrities can never be completely honest with the public, I do appreciate veiled honesty because I think it hints at wanting to be upfront with people. JYP was on the right track with his leading comments, basically admitting that taking the Wonder Girls to America was a horrid business decision.

Unfortunately, he ended up doing what I hate the most about celebrity public relations: their poor attempts to blow smoke up the public’s ass because they think we’re all stupid.

Please, please, please don’t fucking tell me that your decision to go to America was about helping the Wonder Girls grow as people or to help them 20 years from now. That’s complete horseshit. What the hell does making them sing “Nobody” on irrelevant talk shows for years have to do with better their lives or any of the shit he said?

Come on, man. Not only is JYP pissing on the heads of fans and telling them it’s raining, he’s jizzing on their heads and telling them it’s delicious frosting so they should enjoy lapping it all up.



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