Ueto Aya wants EXILE’s HIRO’s elderly penis for life

Ueto Aya is rumored to be getting married to EXILE‘s HIRO, basically causing a fanpocalypse for both popular celebrities.

On December 31st, it was reported that actress Ueto Aya and EXILE’s leader HIRO would be getting married this spring.

According to Sponichi, Ueto has already revealed this news to her mother and close friends. She also told her agency, “I want to get married in the spring.” The wedding ceremony and reception is as yet undecided, however, Ueto plans to continue working after marriage.

Friends of Ueto say that the actress has already shared her plans for marriage to her mother. Soon after the two started dating, Ueto introduced HIRO to her mother, who found him to be polite, humble, and manly. Since then, her mother has been very supportive of their relationship, and would often join them for meals.

Ueto has also reported her desire for marriage to her father figure, the president of her agency. At the start of their relationship, HIRO met with the president, who acknowledged HIRO’s sincere attitude for their relationship.

You know how I know this could be a solid pairing?

Both hardcore Ueto Aya fans and hardcore EXILE/Hiro fans hate the relationship, which means they are probably wonderful for each other.

Whichever way psychotic fans want to go, support the opposite happening.


Be entertained.