Ask Asian Junkie: If Lee Min Jung Was A Dickgirl, Would You Still Sex Her?

To begin, let me just state that I know who asked this question and I hate you.

Suppose you got your wish and had a date with Lee Min Jung.

Go on…

After you took her to your place, you two go to the bedroom and start removing each other’s clothes.

After you take off Lee Min Jung’s panties, you find out that she was a futanari/dickgirl. Would you still fuck her?

The problem is that I’m not into anal sex, and since that would be the only option available to me at that point, I would have to opt for a reaction that melds getting the fuck out of there and getting the fuck out of there really fast.

The fact that you even put me in that scenario and that I would flinch or pause before running out of the room frightens me.

I hate this site.


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