In case you were wondering why netizens in Asia appear insane…

It’s because … uh … they sort of are.

The trend, which has spawned a little industry of specialist lunch providers, reflects the desire of many South Korean fans to nourish their idols rather than just shower them with gifts they probably don’t want.

“Eat rice, cheer up and be strong, that’s the message I am sending them,” said Chung Kyung-young, the 38-year-old male fan who ordered lunch for A Pink.

That’s not creepy.

At all.

Ms. Kim sticks to specific guidelines when making lunches: Food should be low-fat because most of the recipients are weight-conscious pop stars, and it should taste good even when served cold. She also varies her charges to reduce the burden on younger fans. Her lunch boxes are typically priced from 70,000 won to 150,000 won ($62-$135).

Before you get ahead of yourself, no this doesn’t apply to just Korean netizens, not by a goddamn long shot. Japanese netizens are straight insane and will do shit like setup pillows with their faves on it and put a fleshlight between it and … I’m sure you can figure out what they do.

Point being, so many people out there wonder why there are so many stupid ass netizen stories, and they think to themselves, “My god, these people have to be nuts to do this shit, right?”

Well, yeah.


Be entertained.