Former Entertainment Manager Talks About Underground Celebrity Prostitution Ring In Korea

With the Open World Entertainment sex abuse scandal currently being handled by the authorities, another behind-the-scenes story has broke, with a former entertainment manager revealing that there’s a broker who sets up female celebrities with male sponsors.

It has recently been discovered that there is allegedly a broker that connects female celebrities with “sponsors”.

Let’s just call it what it is: a prostitution ring.

Broker = Pimp
Female Celebrities = Prostitutes
Sponsors = Johns

A former entertainment manager who’s worked in the industry for years stepped forward on April 25th and met with reporters to reveal, “Aside from the Open World scandal, there is a professional broker that provides sponsors with sexual services. When I used to work as a manager for a B-list celebrity in the past, we received an offer of $263,365 USD for six months of service. The service would be one or two nights a month, and it’s set up so that you receive half the pay on the first meeting and the rest at the end of six months.”

He continued, “I don’t know how the broker found my number. He introduced himself as a secretary for somewhere but I knew that it wasn’t true. I met him to see what he exactly wanted and he arrived in Mercedes Benz, wearing an expensive suit, watch, and shoes. The offer is basically about $61,452 USD a month, and that’s a tempting offer, especially for smaller companies. Of course, I rejected the offer, telling him that I’m in this industry for life and that he couldn’t possibly insure my life’s career with this.”

The manager also added, “The broker then tried to make another deal, saying that if we agreed to the contract, he’d send over a Benz E20 to the front of our company the next day, signed over to me. He claimed that if the six months were good, he’d add a premium for a full year. After the year, he offered to clinch several TV CF deals for the actress.”

Before everybody flips out on Korea, I just wanted to say that it’s not as if this type of shit happening is specific to the Korean entertainment industry, as it happens all around the world for the same reason it happens in Korea.

I explained this on Twitter to somebody, but when you have a gigantic amount of young, attractive, motivated/desperate talent competing for a tiny amount of space in the celebrity world, it should not come as a surprise that people would be willing to trade sex to those in power for an edge on the competition.

Now is it worse in Korea? Absolutely, as it’s an extremely patriarchal society, so the breadth and depth of career options for women is lacking (thus if you want a real career, well here’s your one shot). Due to that reality, this type of stuff probably isn’t even that rare on the down low (like compensated dating in Japan). Let’s be honest, if you’ve been a fan of Asian pop for a while now, chances are good that you’ve already heard rumors about this type of thing happening, so while I’m surprised that somebody came out and made news, the actual actions in question are not exactly shocking.

Concluding his interview, he stated, “The broker seemed to work mainly with actresses that already have a name. You can’t just ruin the life of your celebrity just because you want a Benz. This is a bit different from the Open World scandal but these sorts of things are always being offered to actresses. The problem of people trying to ‘purchase’ actresses needs to stop completely. An actress’s right way to fame is building up her popularity by being acknowledged for her acting.”

In an ideal world, it would work out the way the manager wants, and while the reality of the situation shouldn’t stop people from striving for that goal, we all know the world is hardly an ideal place.


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