Korean Actress Says Sex Abuse Scandal & Prostitution Ring Nothing New

In light of both the Open World Entertainment sex abuse scandal and the allegation by a former entertainment manager that a broker runs a prostitution ring with celebrities, an actress has come forward to confirm both cases as realistic and says that such things aren’t a rarity.

Allegations that senior government officials and business tycoons got together with female celebrities at bars many times have recently caused a stir.

An actress in her 20s said that such a thing occurs frequently in the Korean entertainment industry.

The actress, who made her debut more than two years ago, recalled that a TV program director asked her to go to bed with him in return for her appearance in a soap opera.

In an interview with CBS Radio, she said he told her that “I’m willing to make you a Cinderella. Are you willing to do something for me?”

Asking for anonymity, she said similar things occur many times in the industry.

Regarding the alleged rape of female aspirants by an entertainment agency CEO, she said it is no wonder that such a thing took place. “I heard about similar incidents many times.”

She said she was sexually harassed by a business tycoon at a dinner. She said she was told by officials of her entertainment agency that they were going to have a dinner with a Chairman Han.

During the dinner, she said, the chairman touched her thigh.

She said there were a lot of cases in which actresses had sexual intercourse with people in return for “economic assistance.” “I heard that in many other cases, they were given money, a house or a car.”

“Actually, actresses need much money. So, it may be difficult to resist the temptation,” she said.

As to reports that female entertainers served CEOs and senior government officials at bars in southern Seoul, she said, “I hear about that frequently. Some of them used to sit on the knee of the men as soon as they enter the room.”

Just adds more fuel to the fire, I suppose.

I explained my stance on the mentioned events in the post about the prostitution ring, and nothing changes now, as this just confirms my position that I don’t think it’s that shocking because it’s not all that rare.

Truth be told, the only thing shocking about it is that the curtain is actually being peeled back.


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