Comment Of The Day: Japanese Are Perverted Monkeys, Koreans Are Innocent Angels

As I said at the time, one would expect that people (domestic and international) would overreact to the upskirt incident involving Kara‘s Hara, where her alleged bearded clam was posted up in a Japanese tabloid.

Why is that? Because Korea and K-pop fans care so much about protecting women and their moral right to not be sexualized?




Korean Netizens stated, “Despite cultural differences, we can’t just stand here and let a neighboring country do such perverse acts,” “Girl groups that are performing in Japan need to be careful,” and “Shouldn’t they be suing the magazine?”

Ostensibly, most of the netizen comments are from men, because no woman in their right mind would buy into this shit.

The obvious underpinning of the narrative that the Korean media is trying to create is that Japanese culture/people are perverted and want to sexualize all these pure, innocent Korean idols, while Korean culture/people are innocent and just want to admire their unnirs/oppars from afar as “artists”.

This plays out all the time, and perhaps the best example of it is when K-pop fans pretend that “uncle fans” are not leering perverts who fill a void in their lives by creepily obsessing over underage idols. Yet, those same people will flip the fuck out at perverted old dudes if the audience at a Morning Musume or AKB48 event is full of middle-aged men that fuck anime pillows.


It has less to do about ethnicity, nationality, or race, and a lot more to do with being: 1) men 2) a patriarchal society.

As much as they want to dismiss it, both Korea and Japan have those two factors in common, hence the similarities.

Of course, the commenters at allkpop and Soompi will recognize this and be rational and intelligent, right?

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As expected.

It’s funny to me, but in a sad way, because as The Korea Herald reports, Korea spends an awful lot on the sex trade.

Despite its illegality, the prostitution industry in South Korea is widespread and lucrative. Estimates vary wildly, but approximately 1.6 percent of the country’s GDP was generated by the sex industry in 2007, according to Korea Women’s Development Institute. Before two laws were passed in 2004 criminalizing the buying and selling of sex, some estimates put the GDP figure at greater than 4 percent. Estimates on the number of patrons of the sex trade are equally striking: A 2003 report by Korean Institute of Criminology found that the value of the sex trade in 2002, 24 trillion won ($22 billion), was equivalent to 20 percent of men aged 20-64 buying sex more than four times a month.

It’s down in Korea now, but mainly because they’ve moved elsewhere, according to The Chosun Ilbo.

The Foreign Ministry on Sunday dispatched the special ambassador for overseas Koreans and consular affairs, Moon Ha-yong, to Australia after reports that there are more than 1,000 Korean sex workers there.

The Korean Embassy in Canberra and Consulate General in Sydney asked Seoul to act based on the reports that foreigners account recently for about 25 percent of the 23,000 sex workers in Australia and some 16.9 percent of them are Koreans.

In addition to Australia, Korean sex workers are also going overseas to fuck dirty American, Chinese, and *gasp* Japanese as well.

Of course, this has absolutely nothing to do with Koreans being perverted or Korean women being sluts, but it’s more a result of societies where women feel they have little to no options. As I’ve said before, there’s a “glass ceiling” in America, but a “glass coffin” in Asia.


Of course, when somebody tried to point out that sex trafficking and objectification of women is not just a Japan thing, it invoked this brilliant comment.



This surely crosses the line between cognitive dissonance and delusion, no?



Anyway, the goal of drawing attention to this is not to say that Korea or Japan is bad, it’s simply to point out yet another instance where Asians assign problems from their own society to another society as a way of trying to pretend their problems don’t exist.

A recent situation on the other side of the coin was that of Japanese netizens picking on T-ara‘s Jiyeon for eating off a pot lid, as if Japanese people have never done anything of the sort … or something equally ridiculous. But again, by projecting their insecurities on her, calling her uncivilized and barbaric and what not, it makes them feel better about themselves, because surely Japanese aren’t like those dumb backwards Koreans, right? Laughable.

Similarly, in this situation with Kara’s Hara, if the Japanese are the perverts, then it’s solely a problem with them and not Korea, right? After all, “their” women are the whores who sell themselves, so surely it doesn’t happen to “us”. And certainly not to “our” idols in “our” industry … right?

Well, as a result of such shit being beat into the heads of people, you get insane fucks like this:

Sometimes I honestly do feel bad for making fun of Japanese/Korean pop idols and generally pulling down the curtain for all the delusional stans, because reality tends to have a far more negative outlook than what is presented to them by the media. Fortunately, there are always people like the commenter above to serve as a reminder that the delusional and ignorant deserve to be shamed into oblivion.

For the record, these are the types of people who ironically fuck everything up for Asian Americans everywhere, and they are the ones who need a reality check the most.

People wonder why I harp on these types of things whenever I get the chance, and it’s because rational opinions seem few and far between when matters of ethnicity, nationalism, and race come about. You can see how fueled with hatred these fucks are, but what are the chances that any of them have even tried to get to know Japanese people? What are the chances that the anti-Hallyu fucksticks have even tried to get to know Korean people? Going to go out on a limb and say zero chance.

They are fueled by hatred engrained in them. They are brainwashed by glittering generalities, and now they have brought their stupid fucking shit to America and are trying to pollute the Asian American waters with their petty bullshit. Meanwhile, nobody in America gives a flying fuck if you’re Korean or Japanese, you’re just some feminized slant with no power to them. So yeah, keep getting bent out of shape by hate mongering articles from the Japanese and Korean media that are propagated through Asian American translation sites, then keep fighting each other over shit like this, and then keep getting run over on issues that actually affect you and yours.

I bet you think all your clamoring and parroting of talking points helps immensely, but you’re just fucking embarrassing everybody with a brain.


Big ups to Soompi for running a hate mongering factory again, even after backtracking moments after I called them out on it the last time.

Surely you are helping the Asian American cause by approaching things this way and not just worried about lining your own pockets because of the response you know you’ll get from your delusional and ignorant nationalistic psychopaths on your message board.

I guess one could get mad at the rampant ignorance shown through this, but it’s more amusing to watch the whole thing play out as these companies drown in their own hypocrisy (“It’s all about promoting Asian Americans & Asian acts in America!“/”No, no, no! Fight each other!“) depending on which way the money flows.

Cool beans.


Thanks to allkpop for this article and Soompi for this article. Also, Soompi for this clusterfuck.



Be entertained.