Song Hye Kyo is a fat, disgusting pig and no man wants to sex her anymore

Actress Song Hye Kyo has allegedly lost her beauty in the eyes of some because of recently taken candid photos of her.

People be losing their minds, son.

According to recent reports from Hong Kong news outlets, Song Hye Gyo was captured looking rather different. The picture that surfaced has the actress looking rather frumpy in a t-shirt and tiny shorts.

Many commented that she had put on some weight and that her shorts looked too tight on her.

With this too-casual image of the actress surfacing online, many commented that she had lost some of her goddess-like figure and style. However, other recent pictures of the actress show her looking radiant and healthy. All in all, the actress looks comfortable in her own skin and still looks beautiful.

Netizens that viewed the image commented, “Even though she gained weight, she’s still pretty,” “That’s not chubby!”, “I like how she looks so comfortable,” and “Song Hye Gyo is still a goddess.”

Okay, she’s dressed like shit, I’ll give them that.

Apart from that though? They are being dumb as fuck.

She has these things called tits.

They are quite nice and I would like to feed on them like a hungry baby, but I digress. Point being, with a loose fitting shirt like that and a chest that isn’t concave, the shirt will hang down over the rest of her body extended in front of her actual body line, so nothing has actually changed, it just appears like it has. Besides, her legs look normal and her face looks normal. Well, sans photoshop at least.

I’m sure these online virgins would realize that people look like this in real life if they had ever seen a vagina before, not counting their mom’s during birth.


Be entertained.