Kyary Pamyu Pamyu apologizes to Kanjani8 fans, netizens tell her “fuck them”

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, known for wearing weird ass outfits for attention (a la Lady Gaga), recently wore a gigantic ribbon on TV Asahi‘s “Music Station“. The ribbon happened to block out popular Johnny’s Entertainment group Kanjani8, which made their fans angry. They ended up somehow forcing an apology out of her on Twitter.

After the broadcast, a fan of Kanjani8 tweeted Kyary, “Isn’t your ribbon too big? I couldn’t see Kanjani8’s faces. It’s okay to stand out, but please think about the trouble you may be causing other people.” To which Kyary responded, “I’m sorry about that ( ; ; )”.

On that day Kyary wore her Rubik’s Cube outfit, since she knew her fans would enjoy it. Afterwards she tweeted, “From now on, whenever I am on TV programs with other artists performing, this 19-year old will pay attention to what she wears. However, when I think about it the cute outfits are usually Huge! Bulky! Heavy! Let’s come up with a smaller design next time.”

A classy response from her. Standard for Asian artists.


Net users commented:

“As long as you’ll still be yourself!”

“Why are you apologizing? You didn’t do anything wrong!”

“Johnny’s fans can be like this and it’s no good. Your ribbon was super cute”

“Please wear what you want. That’s Kyary-chan”

Basically, their message was, “FUCK THEM! DO WHAT YOU WANT!


Be entertained.