KOCSC calls for regulations on outfits, choreography, slang, but do nothing to address real issues

So this is a bit of old news, but in light of the articles that are to come from me on Brown Eyed GirlsGain, SECRET, and HyunA, it’s relevant that I post this piece of news regarding the KOCSC cracking down on a bunch of crap that doesn’t do shit to make meaningful change.

The Korea Communications Standards Commission (KOCSC) revealed through their official homepage their plans of making changes to the regulations on minor idols and issues concerning excessive exposure and sexually suggestive performances, as well as the use of slang in media.

The revision states, “Broadcasts must refrain from allowing children and teens to appear on shows wearing outfits that show excessive skin and from showing scenes that are overly sexually suggestive.”

They also called for programs that feature children and teens to refrain from using slang and other popular internet and text lingo.

Remember that Ask Asian Junkie question about government regulation in K-pop where I went on a tangent about how priorities are out of whack?

Of course, that’s not to say I will agree with whatever they do. Most of the politicians making laws are going to be old men, and a lot of what they’re focusing on so far is so asinine and/or sexist that I don’t even know why they are bothering.

Personally, the ideal would involve them making laws to protect the artists. Preventing sexual abuse, suicide, and looking into collusion/corruption would be the primary issues on my agenda.

Unfortunately, they’ve somehow deemed reviewing music videos for raunchiness and making sure no midriffs are shown by women as the things they needed to tackle first. Because hey, fuck all the suicide and abuse shit, we have to make sure other countries don’t think our women are whores!

Priorities, man, priorities.

Well, that’s exactly what’s happening here.

Would be funny if it wasn’t predictable.


Be entertained.