Block B's friendly trolling turns into a controversy because netizens have no friends IRL

So Soompi came out with this article on a new Block B controversy, titled “Block B Says Female Idols Look Ugly Without Make-up“, which sounds terrible but was predictably a bunch of bullshit.

Idol group Block B has done it again.

The problem occurred on November 8, on Cable TV, MTV “Match-up: Block B Returns.”The team was asked whether they have ever seen idol groups without make-ups. Block B answered that they have and the staff asked, “Do they look different?”

Block B’s Jaehyo looked at Taeil, “The girl you always pointed out when we talk about girls with no make-up.” Apparently, Taeil mentioned the female idol name out loud but it has been replaced with a beep sound. Taeil continued directly looking at the camera, “She is really ugly without a make-up, You are a cheater!” Other Block B members started to laugh mockingly. Then Tail said, “What I just said should not be on air.”

Then, of course, throw in the real reason this got taken out of context … because of their past history.

Block B has been criticized by netizens for making a thoughtless remark towards Thailand victims of natural disaster.

Because they acted dumb before, they MUST be doing that now, right?

Well netizens thought so, because they buy into any conspiracy theory available so that they can shame idol groups. It’s like their fucking lifeblood, so they’re never going to pass up on an opportunity.

1. [+1,196, -306] It’s that $7 group. They haven’t failed yet?

2. [+1,027, -267] Wow, look at all these stupid fangirls

3. [+951, -259] Stupid fangirls ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+273, -57] These guys are no good. Their mouths are trash and their brains are filled with sh*t. Shame the country, shame their parents…

5. [+241, -54] Aigoo look at all these stupid fangirls ㅋㅋ If Taeil was really referring to the maknae writer, the PDs would’ve released the original recording without the bleep censors ㅋㅋㅋ The only solution to this group is disbandment. Fuc* off Downfall B.

6. [+219, -54] Are they the next T-ara?

7. [+201, -52] tsk tsk delinquent group. Thought they woke up a bit after their Thai scandal ㅋㅋ Don’t they know that they’re just as ugly themselves considering they’re idols? And that Zico kid or whatever, he’s so cocky because he thinks he’s hip hop and he’s worth something.

8. [+183, -53] Amazing Block B’s stupid fangirls… So scary..

9. [+170, -41] These delinquents are still promoting?

10. [+148, -43] What I’m definitely sure of is that their stupid fangirls top in the most useless category ㅋㅋㅋ


You see, the reality of the situation was that the members were just joking around with a staff member.

On their reality show, Block B was asked about girl groups’ bare faces, and if there was someone they couldn’t recognize without makeup. Jaehyo told Taeil, “There’s that person you always talk about.” In reply, Taeil gave a name which was beeped out and said, “She’s really ugly.” He then turned to the camera as if to say it directly to the individual, and remarked, “You’re a con artist.”

However, he then added, “This definitely can’t go out on broadcast.” Playing around, Zico and Jaehyo laughed and said, “Just beep it out instead of editing this out. He’s too much.”

With criticisms streaming in, the staff of the show stepped forward and tried to clear up some misunderstandings. They issued a statement on their official mini homepage with the title “We Are Sorry“.

They stated, “Taeil’s answer about the girl groups’ bare faces question was actually meant towards the the maknae writer of the show, who showed her bare face during the previous week’s MT trip.”

“As the members and the staff are so close, the staff mentioned the maknae writer’s nickname, and in the process of quickly editing, it seemed as if a girl group member’s real name was mentioned. On that point, we apologize… At the set, there was no mention of any girl group names and it’s a misunderstanding that was created due to the editing process,” they said.

I wouldn’t expect people to buy that explanation though, because their minds have already been made up and this situation will now be viewed from their delusional vantage point permanently.

Not that netizens would be any more understanding if Block B had no history to speak of, as understanding the concept of talking shit to your friends would require actually having close friends to begin with.


Be entertained.