Kuroki Meisa tweets picture of shoes, Jin Akanishi fangirls lose their shit

Kuroki Meisa recently sent out a tweet to serve as her reintroduction to the social media world after giving birth, and it was innocuous enough to anybody with a brain, a simple picture of a pair of shoes with a message about her running.

On Nov 3, Meisa tweeted for the first time since giving birth to baby daughter on Sept 23. She wrote: “Today, I went running for the first time in a long time”.

Rather boring and uninteresting, right?

Not to Jin Akanishi fangirls.

Although the tweet is normal, it’s the picture of her running shoes that are causing jealousy among Jin’s fans. They’re saying that clearly the shoe on the right and front is bigger than the other shoe and it’s a man’s shoe. It’s Jin’s shoe. Although some argue that the picture was taken at an angle that makes the right shoe appear bigger, they still think it’s Jin’s shoe and they don’t like Meisa showing it off even though they’re married. Fans said “We know they’re married with a baby, she doesn’t have to show off”.

Some fans who are convinced the shoe is Jin’s shoe have gone further and called Sweet Power, Meisa’s agency to complain and the commotion has been increasing gradually with lots of complaining calls to Sweet Power.

See guys, Japanese netizens are just as psychotic!

So not only did they craft a conspiracy theory about the intention of the picture, which is crazy enough in itself, but they’re doing it with an assumption that they created in their own minds. That is, I’m pretty sure those are the same size shoes, but one is pushed up further than the other and the angle the picture is shot from makes the shoe in front look demonstratively larger as a result.

Furthermore, they’re married and they have a kid together. Good lord, the fangirl crazy never ever ceases. Motherfucker could be dead and they would call for a bird to be tortured and killed if it pooped on his headstone.


Be entertained.