SNSD's dance teaser for "I Got A Boy" shows that Tiffany is stiff as fuck


SM Entertainment has released the dance teaser for SNSD‘s chicken-head anthem “I Got A Boy“. It’s nothing special given that only one member of the group can dance, and these girls have a great deal of trouble keeping in time with one another, but the song sounds hot and it shows three different looks for the girls, all of which look sorta the same – with caps, shades, and Nike Dunks being passed around.

One thing that’s beyond me though is how Tiffany got a boy when her waist is THAT stiff. She makes C-3PO look like the queen of twerk.


I cannot wait to see the full routine to this song, because I just know Tiffany is going to be moving like a tank and that I’m going to love every second of it – because I’m fucked up like that.


SNSD’s ghetto-colorful concept, which looks like these girls were bukkake victims to a family-pack of Skittles and a Jeremy Scott pop-up store, is also derivative. Look, we have all been bystanders to K-pop running the trend into the ground for years, and f(x) have already been there, done that, and bought that XXXL T-shirt for Amber.

You can see Sunny and Hyoyeon in particular are LOVING their new looks. They’ve already reached out to black girls in Korea on me2day and set up a Facebook event to meet them so that they can hang out like REAL homegirls. I really do hope SM have these girls perform “I Got A Boy” on the Late Show With David Letterman so Sunny can shout-out, “Where my ni**as at?!

I’m not too sold on the look/concept, but I’m already on the verge of loving the song.

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