The bar has been lowered so far that Zinger hate for almost dying doesn't even faze me


Zinger was the member most seriously hurt in the SECRET automobile accident, so when she made her return to Twitter to a bunch of people trolling her over getting hurt it was fucking terrible, but the worst part might be that I wasn’t even surprised.

Zinger made her first Twitter post after SECRET‘s car accident on December 11th, and unfortunately, it wasn’t good news.

Zinger tweeted on the 13th, “After collecting my mind and reading the news, I started looking at all the comments. [The replies are too much.] I’m asking you to think about whether you could post those words if it was your family member or someone you love who was in the same position. Though my body and strength are weak, it’s getting hard for my heart too.”

The SECRET member seems to have wanted to express her frustration and heartbreak about malicious comments made by some netizens regarding the accident and her injuries.

When it was announced that Zinger was the one who was injured and not Hyosung, the FIRST GODDAMN THING that popped into my head was, “Oh boy, I bet netizens have a field day with this.” Lo and behold … yup.

The bar has sunk so low that even Boram‘s oompa loompa ass couldn’t limbo under it.

This is what humans have done to me.



Be entertained.