Amuro Namie releases a festive promotional photo [Note: It’s not festive for shit]


December 21st marked the day that Amuro Namie wrapped up her five-dome tour in Japan. A string of wearing the same tired-ass over-the-knee boots, ruffled skirts she’s worn to death over the past decade, and hitting flat notes to “Body Feels Exit“.

To mark the occasion, and get a little bit festive on some bitches, Namie’s official website was updated with a new promotional photo. Speculation began to run rife as to what exactly this image was used for: if it meant something new was on the horizon or if it was even an old outtake from one of her shoots for Esprique. Well, we can file this under MYSTERY SOLVED, as this image was used in the introductory video for Namie’s tour, but it has only been released in hi-res for fans to ogle at on the website now as a result of the tour wrapping up in Japan.

Other J-artists post Twitpics and Instagrams of themselves looking festive, or upload obscure pictures of themselves at the Tokyo Tower. Namie has her public relations monkey upload a glossy professional photo of her looking fed-up, lifeless, and amazing on her official website.

Dis photo = Better than the ‘Uncontrolled‘ album cover

A Christmas-music box-version of Namie’s single “Love Story” is currently doing the rounds online, but fuck that shit, let’s throw it back to 2005 with Namie’s Christmas single, “White Light“. Only Namie would shoot a music video for a Christmas song looking fed up and as though she’s fresh out of fucks to give anybody, even a child who wholeheartedly believes in Santa and flying Snowmen.

It’s why I love this woman.

♪ Joy to the word. Poo on da floors. If snore fall, will Santa Claus? ♪

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