Block B releases their official position against Stardom Entertainment, calls them liars


Yesterday, Stardom Entertainment distributed a press release that responded to Block B filing suit against them, and today Block B responded with their official position on the matter.

This is the official statement of the 7 members in response to Stardom Entertainment’s (Stardom below) statement on January 4th, 2013.

Firstly, we are very sorry to cause worry to all the fans who love and care for Block B from the start of the new year.

The Block B members took a long time thinking about their decision to nullify their contract and file for an injunction. However, they have come to their decision because of the many things that happened from the start of the contract with Stardom, which [caused them to decide that they] cannot trust Stardom anymore. We would like to let you know that the choice was unavoidable.

Stardom currently states that they have straightened out all the profit [issues] as if there was a mutual agreement about the balance distribution calculation, but this is false. The actual truth will all be revealed in court.

The explanation that Stardom gave about the previous CEO, Mr. Lee, is also false, and they are just trying to deny responsibility. Stardom has explicitly and implicitly agreed to use the title of CEO for Mr. Lee from the start.

On other matters, Stardom’s statement that the request to nullity the contract is because of dissatisfaction about appearing on television and because of a mastermind behind the other members is also completely different from the truth. It is nothing but them trying to derogate the members’ unavoidable decision after careful consideration.

We respectfully ask Stardom to stop making comments that mislead the media and the public.

We apologize once again about causing worry to the fans. The Block B members promise to respond to the fans’ love with a more mature side.

January 4th, 2013

Law firm Shinwon, legal representative of the 7 Block B members

Besides the obvious, the downside is that this seems like it’s going to court, so it could get drawn out. Also, if they leave the company, who knows if the group sticks together.

The upside though is that Stardom Entertainment isn’t shit without Block B, and as such, this isn’t like JYJ against SM Entertainment, where JYJ gets absolutely face-fucked by bullshit even if they did come out of their case victorious. Block B’s company doesn’t even have the power to intimidate allkpop into not releasing relationship information on their idols, much less intimidate broadcast channels and shit.


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