Go Young Wook in custody on ‘four counts of sexual misconduct and assault against minors’


So we knew about Go Young Wook‘s past with sexual assault allegations, and we knew an arrest warrant was issued for him, so being taken in was probably going to happen at some point, but what I didn’t expect was for him to be charged on four counts.

Seoul Western District Court judge Lee Dong Geun issued an arrest warrant against Go Young Wook for 4 counts of sexual misconduct and assault against minors. The judge stated he found reason to take the former Roo’ra member into custody due to concerns that he would tamper with evidence or flee.

With this new development, it looks like the police will be more aggressive about the investigation. Go Young Wook is reported to be jailed and undergoing interrogation.

The accused himself commented, “I’m sorry for causing a stir. I will [be cooperative with the investigation].”

As always, I’m not a Korean lawyer, but I’m surprised that the three previous allegations against him, which were dismissed by the police, were allowed to be applied to him now. I’m guessing that the CCTV video shows something damning, though I’m not sure how that connects to the other allegations exactly. Regardless, it’s not like anybody can feel bad for the dude at this point.

I suppose the thing that brings up the most questions for me is why he’s being charged with “sexual misconduct and assault against minors”. I hope the translation is just worded poorly and it’s actually “sexual misconduct against minors and sexual assault against minors”, because the police/court refusing to charge him with sexual assault because of his claims that he only touched her thigh would be ridiculous to me.

Have to wait and see how this plays out, I suppose.


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