Jo Sung Min, ex-husband of Choi Jin Shil, commits suicide … oh well?


Choi Jin Shil‘s ex-husband, Jo Sung Min, has reportedly committed suicide … and whatever.

I’m probably gonna get shit for this opinion, but I honestly don’t care for a variety of reasons.

The late Choi Jin Shil‘s ex-husband Jo Sung Min has committed suicide.

Recall that Choi Jin Shil committed suicide in October 2008, and her brother also did the same in May 2010. The tragedy is followed by yet another suicide. Jo Sung Min was found hanged in his girlfriend’s apartment. Though the police are still investigating the matter, as of now, it seems Choi Jin Shil’s children have lost another dear one to suicide.

Jo Sung Min had long suffered from hate comments ever since his wife’s death. Not only that, he used to be an excellent baseball player, but suffered various problems through injury. Many pitied his life, but also lamented for the two children he left behind.

Just a few days ago, the children Hwanhee and Junhee had thanked comedian Lee Young Ja for taking good care of them, showing bright smiles on screen.

Our hearts go out to Hwanhee and Junhee, and everyone else who were affected by this devastating news.

So why don’t I care about a person killing himself, right?


Well, I guess you could look at it that way, but my feelings are mainly because his ex-wife committed suicide herself (as I’m guessing you’re at least somewhat familiar with), and that came after a messy marriage/divorce in which he beat the shit out of her while she was pregnant with their youngest child.


Oh yeah, he was also cheating on her.

Additionally, as a result of photos like the one above becoming public, she was sued for being abused by him. No, really. Contrary to popular belief, the suit was not filed posthumously, so she was well aware that not only was she beaten, but that she was being blamed for it. To top it off, after her death, the court ruled in favor of the company, officially confirming by law that it was all her fault. Awesome, right? Just swell.

So while you could say that him being an utter dick and her suicide weren’t directly related, it surely didn’t help her situation. Like … at all.


All of that would honestly be enough for me, but it still just scratches the surface, really. Choi Jin Shil’s brother, Choi Jin Young, who was a significant presence in taking care of her children after her death, also committed suicide. He suffered from depression, apparently, so there were other factors at play in this death as well, but being involved in a long and messy fight over custody of Choi Jin Shil’s children with Jo Sung Min probably didn’t help.

Speaking of that, what about the kids though, right? Their dad is dead, after all.

Sure, they’re now the real victims in all this mess. However, their dad dying is probably less of a tragedy considering he was a deadbeat until his ex-wife’s death, at which point he basically tried to latch onto the kids and his ex-wife’s estate in a custody battle.

The facts of the case paint Jo as a deadbeat dad who gave up all responsibility (if not legal rights) for caring for his kids four years ago.

Basically, Jo Sung Min apparently only cared about her estate and not the kids before netizens called him on being a complete asshole, after which he went on television and said he only wanted the kids.

Well, that makes up for all of it.


Look, I’m not saying he deserved to die, but on all these sites, there are people coming out in sympathy for him and it’s making me sort of sick, honestly.

The kids truly deserve your thoughts and the help of others. Him? Whatever.

Dude was seriously a piece of shit, so it was one of those situations where I didn’t care whether he lived or died, and now that he’s dead, that’s just exactly how I feel … nothing.


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