Rain got a slap on the wrist from the military, but the damage has been done to his reputation


Rain, who is currently embroiled in a celebrity soldier controversy, has been given a punishment of one week probation by The Ministry Of National Defense.

The global star has been in the news lately for issues concerning holidays and favorable treatment for celebrities in the military. He’ll be confined to the army base for one week of self-reflection.

The Ministry of Defense stated, “After a decision by the disciplinary committee of his unit, Rain will be confined to his [barracks and the army base] for seven days of [self-reflection and introspection]… He violated regulations by having private meetings while on official duty.”

The problem isn’t that he’s the only one to get this special treatment, it’s actually quite the contrary, as apparently this is the status quo for celebrity soldiers. However, the real issue for Rain is that while the other celebrity soldiers get loosely connected to this scandal, he specifically has become the catalyst for the whole issue, and is now the firebrand and the face of preferential treatment.

Unfair to him? Probably, but judging by the comments on Netizen Buzz and basically everywhere else, this isn’t going away for him anytime soon, because I doubt this slap on the wrist will change minds.

We’ve seen before how public perception can change over time, as Psy is probably now the best example of that, but Rain’s going to have work to do in order to rebuild his image in the mean time.


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