Go Young Wook again accused of sexual assault against a minor


Former Roo’ra member Go Young Wook recently had a run-in with the law regarding an alleged sexual assault against a minor and two other women, and while those charges were dismissed, new allegations against him have surfaced for the same crime, and he’s currently being investigated by the police.

Channel A reported on the 3rd, “Go Young Wook, who is under investigation for sexually assaulting a minor, is being investigated by the police again following a report of sexual assault by another minor.”

Female ‘A’ (13) who claims to have been sexually assaulted by Go Young Wook, claimed that the singer dragged her to his car in Hongeundong where he initiated sexual contact not too long ago on December 1st.

The Seoul Seodaemun Police Station stated, “We confirmed the relationship of female ‘A’ and began our investigation. We reviewed a CCTV from the location of the alleged crime and completed our analysis.”

Meanwhile, Go Young Wook is currently in denial of this new accusation.

Just to recap, he was accused of sexual assault on a minor back in May of last year, and he admitted to having sex with that accuser. Then, two more accusers came forward with the same charges against him. However, the charges were dismissed on the grounds that there was a lack of physical evidence.

Now though, there’s another minor accusing him of sexual assault, and if nothing else, it’s a curious trend. Obviously we shouldn’t ever rush to judgment on serious matters like these, but while the court of law has to treat these incidents as separate, the court of public opinion doesn’t, and one would have to be a bit deluded to believe that four different women of varying ages all decided to conspire together to falsely accuse him of sexual assault in a region that isn’t exactly known for their positive record in sexual assault cases.

Anything is possible, but if you’re reading this and thinking “ugh”, I doubt you’re alone.


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