Sawajiri Erika got naked in “Helter Skelter”, it’s the only reason you care, so I saved you time


Sawajiri Erika‘s nudity in “Helter Skelter” should come as no surprise, as that’s basically how it was marketed in the news the entire time. Well, not quite, but most of the news focused either on her sexual/nude scenes, her erratic behavior before, during, and after filming, or the fact that it was her comeback vehicle after five years away from the industry. Needless to say, everything about it revolved around her, despite the story being based on an award-winning manga by Okazaki Kyoko published back in 2003.

Well, I’m not sure most of you care about the cinematic aspect of it like I do, but you probably do want to see Sawajiri Erika naked, or are at least morbidly curious, so … here.


Be entertained.