AKB48 manager makes shitty excuses and Minegishi Minami apologizes again


Togasaki Tomonobu, AKB48 theater manager, made excuses on the group’s official Google+ page regarding the ridiculous Minegishi Minami apology/punishment.

□ Why did you have to stream a video like this?

When we were in a hurry preparing for the streaming and we have received a report that Minegishi really wants to apologize personally with her hair shaved. We felt how strong her will and feeling towards AKB48 was, so we decided to stream the video as we planned.

□ Was it necessary to shave her hair?

It wouldn’t be necessary even if you ask if it was necessary or not. It was just that Minegishi really wanted to convey how strong her feeling was.

□ Did anybody stop her from shaving her hair?

I heard that when she came out from the make up room, she had already shaved her hair. It seems that the staff beside her did stop her. However, I heard that she said that people might think of her as a fool, but she really wanted to put her reflection into action, so she cut her bangs using scissors without losing control over herself.

□ Isn’t it unfair that the punishment for each of the members who had scandals were different?

It would be better if we can establish the same rule. However, we are experiencing a dilemma because it is difficult to conceive a common rule since each member is under a different situation.
For example, a member had been warned many times, but did not listen to anyone and created a scandal.
There was also a member who wanted to pursue her dreams and was about to plan on graduating when a scandal about her was exposed.
There was also a member whose past was discovered.
There was also a member whose scandal was not exposed, but still had a huge rule violation.
Please do understand that we have to make decisions with consideration to many circumstances.

□ There was a photo of Minegishi, which has been uploaded on the internet, where she looked like she was having fun with the first generation members. Did she really reflect on her actions?

Before the rehearsals of the theater performance of Team B, I saw Minegishi who came to apologize with an exhausted expression on her face, so I can say that she has reflected on her actions. At the same time, it seemed like she was trying her best not to make people around her feel worried. I think that is the reason why the members of the same generation as her were encouraging Minegishi who was feeling depressed.

1) I already addressed the head-shaving issue, and it doesn’t matter to me who made the call, but again, what else are they going to say at this point?

“Yeah, we forced her, please give us more shit to eat.”


2) As far as them uploading the video, don’t make me laugh. We’re supposed to believe that they control every detail of her life, yet they have their hand forced by her in terms of uploading a humiliating video? They’re absolutely complicit.

3) They basically admitted to a fluid standard in terms of punishment. Cool, allows for ample room to pick and choose which members they want to shit on.

4) Having to address whether she was truly sorry or not is just … ugh.


In related news, she recently attended a handshake event, where she apologized again.

According to fans who attended the event, Minegishi appeared on the platform during afternoon, and said, ”I am extremely sorry for taking thoughtless action as an AKB48 member,” then bowed for about 15 seconds. Regarding her shaved head, she commented, “I did not do it to be forgiven. I wanted to regain everyone’s trust, and to start again from the beginning.”

Reportedly, many fans who attended the handshake event, requested to the management, “We have felt Mii-chan’s good faith, so we request to take the YouTube video down.” When AKB group theater general manager Togasaki Tomonobu told Minegishi about the fans’ requests, she responded with, “I’m full of gratitude for the voices from the fans.” Considering the fans’ and Minegishi’s thoughts, Minegishi’s apology video that was posted on AKB48’s official YouTube channel has been taken down on the night of the 2nd.

We took the video down not because it was the catalyst of the criticism that was going viral around the world, but because the fans requested it!


As far as her apology goes, she has no other choice at this point if she wants to remain in the group, but that’s basically the entire problem.


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