[UPDATE] “Asian Junkie, website. A blog barely alive. Everybody, we can rebuild it. We…


…have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first not-a-piece-of-shit Asian pop website. Asian Junkie will be that blog. Better than it was before. Better, sexier, faster.”

Sup, everybody.

The site has moved and stuff looks different for now, but it should be getting back to normal soon. Over the next week or so, we’ll be tweaking the site and what not. Just a heads up.

The good news is that the functionality will come back, and the move should set us up to make us more adjustable in the future no matter how much the site expands. Every site has growing pains, so this is a minor bump in the road.

The bad news? Uh … you guys have to register your accounts again. Which honestly takes like a minute (if that), but still, I realize it can be a pain.

Also, if you would so kindly point out bugs whenever you see them pop up, preferably in this post, that would be appreciated.

I’m going to sticky this at the top while everything changes, so yay?



What has been done:

1) Restored site to previous functionality.
2) Fixed RSS feed.
3) Fixed registration.
4) Fixed commenting.
5) Fixed avatars.
6) Fixed author attribution.

What needs to be done:

1) Fixing galleries on old posts.
2) Fixing thumbnails on old posts.
3) Fixing e-mail system.
4) Fixing gallery page.

Unfortunately, I have to do the galleries/thumbnails manually, so I’ll get to those whenever I have time … which is basically never. That’ll come along slowly, for sure, but I doubt most of you care about that shit.

Anything else you guys have noticed that needs to be fixed? If not, I’m declaring shit good to go.


Be entertained.