Comment Of The Day: Co-Ed’s Kangho is a rapist because that’s what I want to believe!


Co-Ed‘s Kangho, who has basically had his career ruined due to online accusations of rape and bullying, which have since been taken back, had been cast in a movie, but netizens shut that shit down with their outrage.

Post about the popular webtoon ‘Secretly, Greatly’ being turned into a movie. Once the still cuts were released, netizens were “shocked” upon seeing Co-Ed’s Kangho as a member of the cast.

Once they found out, netizens launched a boycott against the movie online, saying they refuse to watch it if they keep Kangho’s casting.

Showbox responded to the boycott saying that they forwarded the concerns to the appropriate authorities.

‘MCMC Films’, the production company, later came out with an announcement basically saying that they have decided to edit out footage of the “problematic actor” out of the movie entirely.

1. [+70] Why can’t you say it loud and proud! I am Rapist Kangho

2. [+58] I think CCM seriously doesn’t give a crap about morals. But then again, their CEO has crap for brains… Pathetic how he got caught trying to stick this kid in a minor role and still managed to lose it.

3. [+53] Co-Ed rapist idols! It can’t even be that easy to find a bunch of rapists to put together a boy group with… What a brave attempt!

Think international netizens are better? Nope, feel free to check the comments at Omona They Didn’t, Tumblr, or Netizen Buzz for evidence that they’re arguably worse about this.

Seriously though, as you well know by now, I have no problem calling for alleged rapists to be investigated by the authorities, nor do I have issues with using physical evidence/their own words to call them pieces of shit. So don’t get this ridiculous fucking idea that I’m defending a rapist or abuser or whatever the fuck else people are flipping out about.

What I am defending against, and what I will never endorse, is witch hunts. I have literally no care for Co-Ed’s Kangho or that entire flop-ass group, but it’s fucking disturbing that blog posts accusing him of rape, ones that have since been taken back, have now literally made him a rapist in the eyes of the public.

Social justice commenters/bloggers see this as justice, I suppose, because it fits their agenda. However, what they fail to realize (as they generally do with everything) is that justice implies impartial judgment and rationality, not psychotic vendettas against patriarchy or “The Man” or whatever else. That’s not justice, that just makes it easier for their opponents to point at their evidence-deficient witch hunts as proof that they’re fine with condemning anybody based on nothing if it fits their world view.

I mean, seriously, he is treated as a convicted rapist because of ANONYMOUS BLOG POSTS ON THE FUCKING INTERNET.


I dunno about you, but I don’t feel comfortable with being labeled ANYTHING based on what somebody else writes about me behind a computer. That thought is fucking frightening to me.

Is he a fuckface? Is he an angel? I don’t know, because there’s no evidence either way, the authorities have not investigated him, and I don’t know him personally. How about that?

How about going with that attitude on any celebrity that we don’t know? Do you know them? No, so one can only judge them by their actions and words. Simple as that.

Jesus fuck.


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