Go Young Wook admits to touching victims who averaged ~14 years old, asks for another chance


Former Roo’ra member Go Young Wook, who is under investigation on sexual assault charges, has admitted to touching his victims, and their ages were revealed to average to 14.25.

The average age of his victims was said to be 14.25 years old. Go Young Wook argued that all sexual advances were made under mutual agreement while the victims claim that he forced them.

Go Young Wook brought ‘A’ (13 years old) into his car and back to his home and used his power/influence over her to sexually assault her. A week later, he called out ‘A’ again and made her drink to commit another round of assault.

In the same year, Go Young Wook committed the same act with ‘B’ (14 years old), as well as ‘C’ (17 years old) at his own home.

While the three cases were proceeding with the court, he is also under suspicion of sexually assaulting ‘D’ (13 years old) in his car through the use of force with his influence as a celebrity.

Go Young Wook denied all claims saying that all advances were made under the pretense of love/dating. ‘C’ had initially refused to kiss him and Go Young Wook had promptly complied.

Go Young Wook also admitted to using force to hold ‘D’s legs down when she was in the car but denies the rest of her allegations.

If that sounds ridiculous to you, it’s because it is fucking ridiculous.

He just COPPED to making advances on girls as young as 13, who he also tried to kiss, and his excuse for touching the 13-year-old is that he wanted to feel how firm her Tae Kwon Do toned legs were.

Remember, that’s his DEFENSE, so considering that previous details have revealed that CCTV might have captured some of the incidents on tape, one would have to think that they show the girls getting into his vehicle or something, because he essentially just admitted guilt to anybody with a brain.

Honestly, there’s no defending him at this point, because regardless of whether he actually sexually assaulted them, he admitted to being sexually attracted to girls as young as 13, as well as fondling them. Which, needless to say, even if it was consensual, I don’t see how that’s not statutory rape.

Of course, as with most predators, he’s completely out of touch with reality, as he stated yesterday how he’s been “reflecting” and talked about how his family has suffered, so it’s been unfair.

Go Young Wook stated on the 14th at the Seoul District Court, “First off, I have been reflecting and felt many things while under custody about associating inappropriately with minors as a celebrity.”

He also revealed his frustration as he commented, “This issue began May of last year and none of the things I said were released, and when the press reported things one-sidely, my mother and I received a lot of pain and the fact that I met up with minors itself was being looked upon negatively even despite that the meeting was consensual, so there are things I didn’t speak out on although I felt wronged in that aspect.”

“I would be thankful if you try to consider those aspects. If an opportunity is given to me in the future, even if I can’t do the work I did before, I will do my best to live as a person who is of help to society,” he concluded.

Yeah, I just sexually assaulted those kids and admitted to being a pedophile, but come on! Give me another chance!

That’s basically his logic.

Dude is disgusting, and if you were reserving judgment over the possibility that this was some type of drawn out conspiracy theory against him, well … no need to anymore. Dude confirmed himself that he’s a piece of shit.


Be entertained.