Minegishi Minami supported by fellow AKB48 members + Japanese/Korean netizen thoughts


AKB48‘s Minegishi Minami‘s scandal and subsequent weeping apology has gone a bit viral around the Internet, and with people making excuses about it, I suppose the litmus test would be getting actual netizen reactions.

Akimoto (AKB48 manager): ‘doing something like this would save her from her criticism (with a smirk)’

Ha, sacked or not sacked, surely she’d have her hair cut this much.
Nothing left if not in AKB.

YouTube is international, a Japanese shame to the world.
It’s just like a girl being a hostage of terrorists and apologising or something.

It’s abuse of human rights not to allow them to have their own romantic relationships I reckon?
They still can’t moan, otherwise they’d be sacked.
Total power harassment preying on the weak, sick eugh.
Fingers crossed Akimoto is going to be punished!

Is this what she gets in return for a quick shag?

Keep in mind, that’s from 2chan, which is home to wotas and right-wing dipshits.

Sure enough, the comments elsewhere in Japan are almost universally calling this ridiculous. News programs in Japan interviewing people have seen much of the same.


Maybe Korean netizens think differently though, since they’re well known for having a similar celebrity culture, as they’ve driven celebrities to suicide before, so they would be more understanding, right?

1. [+272, -8] She’s not even a minor, she’s an adult… I’m pretty sure Japanese non-celebrities have done worse than her, what’s wrong with them?

2. [+259, -15] Such a difficult life to live as a celebrity. Makes me wonder why people stay in the profession when even their private lives are under such tight control.

4. [+37, -4] The commenters here are so hypocritical and fake. You all sit around calling IU a sl*t and witch hunt everyone to the depths of hell, and yet look at you all here feeling sorry for this Japanese idol. What a freaking joke, what an example of how disgusting human beings you all are.

5. [+36, -7] Was it absolutely necessary to go that far?;;; This just makes me realize how shameless some Korean idols are… Not a care in the world whether all of Korea has seen her bare body on webcam or not, promoting like nothing’s wrong..

7. [+32, -1] Everyone talks as if they’ve never been out on a date at night before.. It’s not like she bragged about it or released it herself, someone else took those pictures… Who’s the one that should really be asking for forgiveness ㅋㅋㅋ Do her fans expect her to ask for their permission to date?

9. [+28, -1] I feel bad for her.. He’s her boyfriend, who cares

11. [+19, -1] Can’t even date on your own conditions tsk tsk… Why are people so quick to jump on dating scandals? They’re probably jealous they don’t have a date themselves…


Doesn’t even need mentioning that Western outlets that picked up this story found it insane, so I won’t even bother posting them.

Still though, how about that much repeated “it’s the culture” argument?



On the upside though, her fellow AKB48 members are showing support.



Even Maeda Atusko, who graduated from the group early last year, showed up to give her support.

While that’s the positive, the negative are the wotas questioning the authenticity of her apology because of her smiles in these pictures.

It never stops.


Be entertained.