Park Si Hoo accused of sexual assault, netizens reveal ugly double standard


Actor Park Si Hoo has been accused of sexual assault by a trainee, which is news in itself and it’s already being investigated by the police, but the reaction to the media reports revealed an odd double standard among netizens.

Trainee ‘A’ has filed a sexual assault suit against the actor, claiming that he assaulted her while they were drinking. ‘A’ is 22, and is a trainee who met Park Si Hoo through a mutual acquaintance. She claimed that she had lost consciousness while she was drinking with him, and when she woke up she had been sexually assaulted.

Because Park Si Hoo has just recently left his agency after his contract ended, his old agency said, “We are currently checking into the information reported on Park Si Hoo. Please do not make any rash assumptions“.

Because Park Si Hoo is well known to be a straightforward celebrity that does not drink or smoke, many are confused as to what is really happening. The police will soon summon Park Si Hoo for questioning.

Park Si Hoo has released his official statement through a press release to the media, stating,

“Park Si Hoo would like to speak honestly without hiding anything on the parts that can be misconstrued.

To be honest, we admit that he drank with ‘A’, who he met through a mutual acquaintance. However, in this process, they shared a mutual interest in each other as a man and woman. He never forced anything on her. There is nothing he is embarrassed about on this point, and it will be clearly proven in the investigation. Please be patient.

We bow our heads and apologize to all the fans who trusted and loved him but were worried. But we say again that there was nothing forced that fans should be worried about. To prove this, actor Park Si Hoo promises to diligently participate in all the police investigations.

Finally, we sincerely ask to stop the assumptions and exaggeration while the police investigation is still underway.”

So the accusation and the response are typical to this point, as she says one thing and he says another, so we really have no idea what happened.

What we do know however, is that netizens have already sided with him, which is fucking amazing to me after the whole scandal/rush to judgment involving Co-Ed‘s Kangho.

1. [+1,475, -238] There’s nothing that has been confirmed as facts yet.. He’s a man that can barely drink two glasses of soju. I think it’s suspicious that this article is coming out right after his contract with his agency has ended… It seems obvious they want to drop his worth.

2. [+1,143, -159] People shouldn’t speculate or criticize until the facts are out. As a Park Shi Hoo fan, I just hope none of this is true.

3. [+1,079, -522] That young bi*ch probably enjoyed sleeping around with a handsome man like him but it looks like she also wants to make a bit of cash out of it now too.. What a scary world. But then again, no 22 year old is that innocent in this world anymore, especially if she’s a trainee on top of that. The law will obviously take her side ㅋㅋ

4. [+344, -83] Seems like she’s in it for the money. What is Park Shi Hoo even lacking for him to even think of raping her?

5. [+285, -50] Park Shi Hoo is doing great lately and has a handsome face, so why would he rape anyone ㅋㅋ Seems like he’s just been bitten by a woman out for money. This will definitely impact his image.

So the case will be investigated, as it should be, but all netizens seem to be worried about is his image and how much of a whore this woman must have been, primarily because they don’t seem to believe that a guy with a clean public reputation and a lot going for him could ever commit a heinous crime like rape.

I mean, yeah, everybody knows people in power don’t ever buy into their own hype and think they’re invincible or use their power for evil shit.



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