Park Si Hoo’s alleged victim was carried into his residence, his defense appears screwed


Park Si Hoo‘s sexual assault case has brought out the worst in both K-netizens and I-netizens so far, but the facts remained relatively unclear until a recent revelation showed that the alleged victim of the sexual assault was carried into Park Si Hoo’s residence by an assumed friend of his.

After the initial findings, the police were able to obtain CCTV footage of Park Si Hoo, trainee ‘A’, and Park Si Hoo’s hoobae named as individual ‘B’. According to the police, the CCTV footage shows the trio getting out of a car and getting into an elevator at Park Si Hoo’s residence. The woman ‘A’ is carried by ‘B’ on his back, who had also driven the car on the way to Park Si Hoo’s house.

Given this new potentially damning information against Park Si Hoo AND his supposed accomplice, netizens now seem to be turning the corner on this case a bit. Unfortunately, they seem to be more disappointed/surprised by the turn of events than disgusted with him or sympathetic towards the alleged victim.

Sadly enough, that’s not even surprising to me, as netizens had apparently been biding their time by finding out the name of the alleged victim and were harassing a random innocent woman who was unfortunate enough to have shared the same name.

As the situation got bigger, a female college student has been getting all her personal information exposed and even experiencing verbal abuse online, merely because she shared the same name as the trainee who filed against Park Si Hoo.

In a phone call with a media outlet, she said, “I’ve never seen Park Si Hoo except on TV. When I heard that I was the one that was assaulted by Park Si Hoo, I just laughed and shrugged it off as a joke in the beginning. But the situation grew out of hand. I don’t know why I became that person. I think it must be because I was on a program once. I called the police about my personal information being revealed, and the police told me that they’d send out an official report asking people to stop spreading my information because we just have the same name.”

Her photos, real name, school, and even major spread like fire throughout the internet. Believing her to be the trainee, many sent her comments like, “She must be going insane because she wants to be a celebrity“, “You’re a wh*re“, and “Don’t use Park Si Hoo“.


People are … uh … fucking remarkable.

Shit like that is why victims don’t want to come forward, a reality that’s on the heads of both the psychotic netizens and whoever leaked that information about the alleged victim out, which I sure as fuck hope wasn’t a journalist or law enforcement.


Anyway, enough about netizens and back to the case. Given the video evidence, there’s not really much else to debate, as the facts so far seem to jive completely with her version of the events.

The only chip he has left to play revolves around what happened once they were in the house, because that’s still technically unknown. In his initial statement, he went about as far as one could go without admitting to sexual relations, which is basically the only factor preventing this from being an open-and-shut case. Regardless though, given the accusation and the evidence available, I can’t imagine many rational people coming to the conclusion that they were all there for a sleepover or something. Nor do I think reasonable people would conclude that they waited hours for her to sober up so she could consent to sex.

To put it bluntly, barring some type of stunning turn of events, Park Si Hoo is fucked at this point, and deservedly so.

The whole process will take time, and there will be further updates to come, but if you ask me, the more pressing issue now is what Park Si Hoo’s supposed accomplice’s role was, as it’s entirely possible that the alleged victim was assaulted by two men and not just one.


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