[Review] [Single] DMTN – “Safety Zone”


Boy-band DMTN may have changed their stage name(s) – they were formerly known as Dalmatian, each with their own nicknames, which they seemed to have dropped as well – but their original style is all intact just as we remembered it.

DMTN’s suave R&B pop blend resurfaces this year in “Safety Zone“, the group’s first comeback single since 2012′s “E.R.”. The really nice thing about this song, and the first I noticed, is how well of a transition this is from last year. While not drastic like most K-pop likes to go, it’s one of the most transparent steps taken from one single to the next.

The structure and flow is “E.R”-lite, and yet it’s just different enough to feel like something new. That itself was a fine line to walk, as most of us are aware of how insanely redundant Korean pop music can be. DMTN did it correctly.

“Safety Zone” is light and sophisticated, making sure to allow the proper dose of every member, their fortes, and DMTN’s strengths as a unit. The group is fortunate to have a well-rounded vocal set (Jeesu, may I marry your voice?), and even though the rap bits are ordinary at best, the flow and continuity of the song is so strong that it minimizes the weaknesses.


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