Seven-year-old Park Min Ha has an anti-cafe, which means we’ve reached a new low


It has recently been revealed that Park Min Ha, a seven-year-old child actress, has an anti-cafe. That was revealed a while back, but the hate comments have continued recently, and international netizens have gotten in on the “fun”.

Child actress Park Min Ha who’s been in several variety shows as well as ‘Yawang’ was revealed to have an anti-cafe full of swears and criticisms. Searching her name will bring up ‘ugly’ as a related search word.

Here are comments from older articles that prompted stories on her anti-cafe:

1. [+94, -32] I can see why Park Min Ha would have antis, though… Imagine how hard her father works her for her to have already memorized the Loving U dance ㅋㅋㅋ Her father makes it so obvious that he’s using her to make money and that image is being transferred straight over to his daughter. Park Min Ha already seems like she’s caught the celebrity disease ㅋㅋㅋ

I remember how hard my dad worked to coach my sports teams after work, and I remember how my family spent their time to come to watch me play, and I remember how they sacrificed for me so I could grow. I don’t see the difference, honestly.

I know what they’re inferring about overzealous parents, but … uh … learning a dance? Yeah … no.

And why would her parents be a reason to hate on her? Dipshit.

3. [+53, -8] But Park Min Ha really… isn’t innocent..


I know, what a whore, right?!

5. [+46 -6] Kids need to have a sense of innocence to them, but Park Min Ha just seems like a sly fox because of the way her parents throw her everywhere out of their greed for cash… She seems so fake.

Ah, right. Her parents use her, so she’s a fucking manipulative bitch.



I figured it would die down, so I didn’t bother addressing it, but nope.

1. [+981, -124] Please take an interest in me.
Please love me.
I’ll look pretty if I do this, right?
Will you think I’m cute if I act like this?
It’s so obvious that her every move is calculated to elicit a response from us…

Welcome to childhood, you nitwit.

5. [+69, -22] She’s just too much like a sly fox. It’s like she knows how she needs to act to get attention. On Happy Together, she looked so desperate for camera time, like she knew that there was a set amount of footage you needed to get on the air. If Park Chan Min continues to prefer his eldest over her, it’s just going to mess up their relationship even further. And honestly, Min Ha is only pretty because she’s young… She won’t be that pretty once she gets older.

Not pretty enough at seven, fuck ’em.

6. [+33, -5] She’s honestly ugly compared to other child actresses. Just because people say she’s pretty, she thinks she’s really pretty or something when she’s just a little bit cute. I wonder if she’ll catch the celebrity disease someday… her parents need a reality check.

Everybody makes snap judgments on looks no matter how young, I get it, but the maliciousness found in these comments are just fucking ridiculous.

7. [+32, -4] She turns me off so bad because she doesn’t act like a child at all.. I got goose bumps watching her on Happy Together. It’s like there are 500 snakes writhing inside of that little 7 year old body of hers..

That’s … gross.


Don’t worry though, international netizens seem to be keen on shitting on her as well.

But the comments are actually true though. I’ve been watching almost every show that girl is in, and she seriously looks desperate for attention. Not that I’m blaming her, but she doesn’t have the “child set of mind” and she acts like a rookie celebrity trying to get popular, which is making the viewers uncomfortable.

And her father is clearly the main reason for it. I don’t know why he would say things like “she’s the breadwinner for our family” on shows. He’s only admitting that he’s pressuring her.

I’ve been watching almost every show that girl is in, and she seriously looks desperate for attention.


In related news, they can be moody!

And for those curious, no, I don’t hate Honey Boo Boo or her family. I only hate what counts for television programming nowadays, which is on the network execs, not them.


Be entertained.