SNSD’s Jessica catches flak because stars are not allowed to get stuck in traffic or something


SNSD‘s Jessica is catching shit for being late to a press event by 30 minutes because … media.

Jessica was scheduled to appear for the ‘Jessica Beauty Talk Show & Fan Signing Meeting’ at the Lotte Mall in Seoul on the 12th KST. However, she arrived 30 minutes late to the venue, and press members are reported to have not been pleased. Many reporters complained that there was no explanation or apology for her tardiness.

However, the event representative has come forward to explain the situation. He stated, “Jessica even adjusted her schedule to arrive on time for the event. However, since punctuality is important, she sends her apologies.”

Before the event, Jessica is reported to have been recording for Girls’ Generation’s upcoming Arena Tour in japan. Due to delays in productions for the tour as well as Lunar New Year traffic, she arrived late.

According to the rep, she also had to wait due to a dangerously large crowd of fans and safety concerns. He stated, “Though Jessica did want to apologize, the scheduled event had limited time, so we just went through with the event. For this, we apologize.”

This hardly has anything to do with cultural relativism and it has everything to do with the media being whiny fucking shits when they don’t get their way exactly how they want it.

How do I know that? Why focus on the journalists? Because netizens don’t think it’s a big deal. However, journalists want it to be a big deal because they’re all butthurt about not getting their way.

You see this in media around the world, as the media need a story and they wait for nothing but something to write about, so what happens if you don’t give them what they want when they want it? They exact their revenge in print, and their retribution is writing snarky bullshit about the celebrity with questionable logic behind it.

The best journalists? The ones I respect? They don’t do that, because they take their jobs seriously, but the ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ status quo in the celebrity world is just ridiculous.

The media have certain liberties when it comes to public figures, but throwing a bitchfest because a celebrity was barely late due to traffic/not wanting to get people stampeded isn’t one of them.


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