YG Entertainment drops SuPearls after getting their star in Lee Hi, YG Family disowns each other


YG Entertainment has decided to drop the rest of SuPearls and hold on to soloist Lee Hi, and the announcement comes along with the excuse that SuPearls decided to breakup for the benefit of the group members.

YG Entertainment stated, “We’ve decided to nullify the contracts of Lee Michelle, Lee Jung Mi, and Lee Seung Joo without any conditions“. Out of the girls who were supposed to debut under the highly anticipated girl group, only Lee Hi will be staying in the company to continue her solo career.

The label added, “Even though it’s disappointing, they decided that they should break up for the benefit of each other, so we have decided on this unavoidable decision.” Not only so, but YG Entertainment is currently busy with their upcoming girl group, as well as the comebacks for 2NE1, G-Dragon, and Kang Seung Yoon. Lee Hi will also release her solo album next month.

So much for that whole “Papa YG only cares about artistry and his YG Family” shit, huh? Oops.

Let’s put this in real terms without the bullshit: he signed three members of the original SuPearls (the other signed to JYPE), added Lee Hi to the group, tried her as a soloist, she ended up having a breakout debut, so he saw the rest of them as redundant and shitcanned them.

Now the hype for SuPearls has died down and they are sans the member with mainstream name recognition, so it’s hard to think of any way that a company could fuck a group over worse besides keeping ALL of them in idol purgatory, but even then, at least they’re not stripped of a member and essentially disbanded.

Pretty fucked up, honestly.

I’m not sure how one can defend this in a way that doesn’t make Yang Hyun Suk look like an asshole, but hey, I’m sure people will be trying.


Be entertained.