AKB48’s new center girl is Sashihara Rino … who had a dating scandal … What?


Somehow — and I have no idea how — Sashihara Rino beat out Oshima Yuko for the center position in AKB48 during their 5th General Senbatsu Election.

After the departure of Maeda Atsuko, many figured Yuko was a lock. I don’t think anybody saw Sasshi coming, especially given her somewhat recent history.

Here’s the top 25:

01 Sashihara Rino 150,570 HKT
02 Oshima Yuko 136,503 AKB
03 Watanabe Mayu 101,210 AKB
04 Kashiwagi Yuki 96,905 AKB
05 Shinoda Mariko 92,599 AKB ( Grad Announced )
06 Matsui Jurina 77,170 SKE
07 Matsui Rena 73,173 SKE
08 Takahashi Minami 68,681 AKB
09 Kojima Haruna 67,424 AKB
10 Miyazawa Sae 65,867 SNH
11 Itano Tomomi 63,547 AKB ( Grad Announced )
12 Shimazaki Haruka 57,275 AKB
13 Yokoyama Yui 53,903 AKB
14 Yamamoto Sayaka 51,793 NMB
15 Watanabe Miyuki 44,146 AKB / NMB
16 Suda Akari 43,252 SKE
17 Shibata Aya 39,739 SKE
18 Minegishi Minami 38,985 AKB KKS
19 Umeda Ayaka 36,282 AKB
20 Takajou Aki 33,129 AKB / JKT
21 Kitahara Rie 33,121 AKB
22 Kizaki Yuria 30,307 SKE
23 Takayanagi Akane 29,199 SKE
24 Matsumura Kaori 27,566 SKE KKS
25 Kawaei Rina 26,764 AKB

So why is this surprising? Because, if you recall, Sashihara went through a dating scandal/demotion because the guy she was allegedly dating released pictures of her in her underwear, details of how she was in bed, and a bunch of other stuff.

Yet, despite that — and having the facial expressions of a rock — she moved up three spots. While I’d like to believe this is some progressive attitude among AKB48 fans, it just seems rather hypocritical. Given that as recently as a few months ago they were still treating Minegishi Minami as a super whore, and given the fact that she fell four spots in the rankings, it seems a bit odd that she’s been actively punished when she actually copped to the accusations and gave a real apology.

I really … I struggle to understand this logic. Much less how the hell Sasshi went through the scandal and somehow leapfrogged Yuko. Then again, I guess that’s my mistake, expecting logic from the delusional.


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