Beni to release a new single in June + new album in July

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Beni will be releasing her third original single following two years of boring ass covers of other people’s songs. It’ll also top off her hat trick of flop singles after “Eien” and “Satsuki ame“.

Additionally, Beni will launch a new album on July 31. No tracklist or artwork have been revealed at this time, but music outlets are starting to list the release date as B’day. When this shit happens in J-pop, it turns out to be pretty legit, so expect album info to surface real soon.


Given Beni’s Mariah Carey-esque penchant for cringeworthy album titles, I’m going to hazard a guess on her new work. So far, we’ve had ‘Girl 2 Lady‘, ‘Gem‘, ‘Bitter & Sweet‘, ‘Lovebox‘, ‘Jewel‘, and ‘Fortune‘. I vote her next album will be titled ‘Vajazzle‘ or ‘Diamond‘. Or it might even be a two-disc album called, ‘Diamond Vajazzle‘.

Beni bludgeoned me within an inch of my life with her ‘Covers‘ albums. So I’m all for some new material. If she can give me that new-new which is on a level with ‘Jewel‘, then I’ll be a happy bunny. Dat album was my shit. (“See U Again” is my jam!)

I hope she isn’t expecting this new album to stick in the charts in the same way ‘Covers‘ did though, otherwise she’s going to have a slap in the face’s worth of an awakening.

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