Breaking up with Hamasaki Ayumi is so traumatic it’s making motherfuckers eat grass and shit


Hamasaki Ayumi‘s ex-bf, Uchiyama Maroka (MARO), went on TBS‘s ‘Akko Ni Omakase‘ and said that breaking up with her made him a cow or some shit.

Maroka Uchiyama aka MARO recently appeared on “Akko ni Omakase” where he revealed some troubling information about his breakup with Ayumi Hamasaki. Maro was one of her backup dancers.

Maro: “I’m not the one to say if we broke up or not. I just stayed away from work and am trying to open up new things by myself. I’ll leave that up to your imagination.”

On changes in his life: “I was a homeless person in January. I lived in a cardboard box. It’s said to be pretty warm. I also tried eating grass, and thought about if leaves were delicious. I thought that leaves must be good for the body since they take in a lot of sunlight.”

You know how Ayu looks like she’s a fucking alien? Well apparently the hopes and dreams of young men are her sustenance.

She drove this motherfucker to eat grass, imagine what she could do to you.

I can see Ayu taking the same career path as Madonna, right down to the part about looking like Skelator because no young men are willing to let them drain their life-blood as they lose relevance.


Be entertained.