Gavy NJ’s Sihyun blames her shoplifting on her bleeding vagina … literally


Gavy NJ‘s Sihyun was detained for shoplifting recently, and she confessed to the crime. In itself, that earns her the name Sticky Fingaz and all other sorts of lulz, but what put it over the top for me was her excuse: her bleeding vagina.

The police revealed that Sihyun was caught by an employee after trying to leave the store without paying for about 300,000 KRW (approximately $266 USD) worth of clothing at around 3PM on June 10. The police reported, “Sihyun has confessed to trying to leave the store without paying. She did not give any reason why.” Currently, Sihyun has finished her investigation with the police and is at home. As she has admitted to being guilty, there will be no further investigation needed.

Her label said, “Recently, Sihyun has been depressed because of stress. It looks like she did it on impulse, combined with PMS. She finished her police investigation, and came to an agreement. She’s reflecting on what she did. She feels guilty for wronging a lot of people because of a mistake she made in one moment. She’s very sorry for worrying everyone.”


No seriously, I have nothing more to add. Her excuse is that her bleeding vagina made her steal shit. The fuck am I supposed to add to that?

Anyway, she apologized and stopped activities as a result of this mess.

Her and Winona Ryder can be besties.


Be entertained.