JAV star Yuma Asami has ovarian cancer, penises around the world in mourning


JAV star Yuma Asami recently announced she has ovarian cancer. Her exact prognosis isn’t clear, but it was advanced enough that they had to remove her uterus and ovaries.

The 26-year-old Asami (@asami_yuma on Twitter) said in a tweet that she had surgery to remove a tumor discovered in one of her ovaries and that she was currently undergoing medical treatment.

The Sankei cites a person familiar with the matter who says that Asami began suffering from stomach problems in January. A subsequent MRI exam revealed that she had ovarian cancer. On February 27, doctors removed her uterus and ovaries.

In a subsequent tweet on Thursday, Asami indicated that she was very pleased to receive words of encouragement from her fans. “I’m working hard to move forward, and am looking forward to hearing from you,” she said.

That sound that you’re hearing, it hails from a million penises weeping.

Why is this news? Because in all the K-pop/J-pop hype, here’s one star that truly has international reach and appreciation.

True story.


Here’s a better picture:


Also, don’t whine. If you are on this site, browsing an article about a JAV star at work, you deserve it.


Be entertained.