What in the fuck is going on in gay director Kim Jo Kwang Soo’s wedding pictures?

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So that’s a picture from director Kim Jo Kwang Soo‘s gay (no shit?!) wedding with his boyfriend and … uh … yeah.

No matter how progressive you pretend to be, if upon seeing the picture above, your first thought is not “What in the flying fuck?” or raucous laughter, you’re lying through your goddamn teeth.

Three things that threw me off:

1) It ain’t the dudes marrying dudes part that addled me. It isn’t even the dude in drag. (Separately, that shit doesn’t even phase me.) But the reason I burst out laughing is that I know gay dudes, and I’ve seen gay weddings, and this is not what you typically think of when you read ‘gay wedding’ in the headline. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so lulzy if it weren’t for the next two items.

2) Holy fuck, this is the best example of Homer Simpson‘s makeup gun I’ve seen in a long ass time.


3) Please tell me they just got done fucking and nobody actually paid to have his hair styled like that. Looks like he just got fucked with head down, ass up violently against the headboard and immediately rushed to the photoshoot. Is it a wig? It doesn’t even look real. Nobody could have purposely styled that shit.

Edit: I just recovered and noticed those horrible, gaudy, attention-whoring earrings.

Also, I would have put my life savings that Kim Jo Kwang Soo was the bottom in this shit. My gaydar sucks.


Be entertained.