Will netizens remember the unpaid staff/shit working conditions when the next Han Ye Seul steps up?


So recently in the news a list of seven dramas with unpaid staff totals well into the seven figures, with eight total dramas listed.

People are understandably outraged, but my question is: “Where the fuck are these people when it matters?

Dramas with unpaid staff:

Faith: $604,000 USD
The Musical: $208,000 USD
I Love You: $209,000 USD
The Princess Has Returned: $209,000 USD
Fugitive: Plan B: $450,000 USD
President: $550,000 USD
Jungle Fish 2: $34,000 USD
Rascal Sons: $680,000 USD

That is a shitload of money to screw over the staff with. How can that happen? Well, when you live-shoot everything, I can see how they end up being stiffed.

So that’s obviously a major problem, yet I would argue it’s not even the most significant. No, the biggest consequence of the system mentioned in that article is not the money, but rather the stress and disorganized nature of many sets. In short, they’re complaining that they don’t get paid AND they have to deal with as bad/worse conditions than the stars do.

That’s the real problem. That the system is broken and people are starting to realize it’s unnecessarily harsh on everybody.

So obviously if someone were to step up and say ‘enough is enough’, it would gain support, right? No, of course not. Han Ye Seul was raked over the coals when she had enough, and two years later, it’s the same public opinion.

In reaction to the article about the staff, netizens are mad at both the companies and the stars, which is sort of the problem to begin with. They still don’t seem to understand that it’s the overall environment that’s problematic — the environment provided and created by companies and producers. The stars and staff all wade in the same septic tank waiting to be overworked or rushed to the hospital, so standing up for one group is the same as standing up for the other in this case.

With that said, how many of these netizens will remember the money trail and complaints now, but whenever future actors/actresses speak up because of the shit working conditions, how many will call the workers lazy or ungrateful or selfish?

How do they EXPECT and DEMAND change now, but when people stop to call out bullshit, they support the very system that makes these scenarios possible?

Doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result? Comical … if it wasn’t so insane.


Be entertained.