Big Bang’s Seungri cops to the sex scandal in Japan, is proud, working on towel throwing


If you recall a while back, Big Bang‘s Seungri got into a bit of hot water because of a sex scandal in Japan where he was outed by one of his alleged partners.

Not much came up about it since then until he basically owned up to it on SBS‘s “Hwashin.

In September 2012, Japanese weekly magazine “Friday” published leaked photos of Seungri shirtless in bed, alongside an interview with a woman who claimed to have had a one night stand with him.

Seungri stated, “When the scandal broke out, my ex-girlfriend texted me. The message said, ‘You are not like this.’”

He continued, “A scandal like this is very unusual for idols. The magazine I appeared in is a very famous magazine. Only very famous people get to appear on it. I actually knew about it a week before it was published.”

Netizens that saw this episode commented,”Seungri doesn’t even look embarrassed,” “So he is admitting that it really was him?” and “So who was she then?”

Article: ‘Hwashin’ Seungri opens up about his Japanese scandal… “The public thinks of me as an adult now”

Source: OSEN via Nate + Naver

1. [+1,858, 263] Is he serious? He admitted on broadcast that he slept with a woman he wasn’t even dating. Disgusting……………

2. [+3,642, -112] The first idol in Korea to admit their sex scandal

3. [+2,741, -62] So basically he admitted that his scandal’s true ㅋㅋ And the girl who sat behind Kim Gura kept falling asleep, hilarious

4. [+2,788, -157] “I had a one night stand ^^ ㅎㅎ I’m an adult now”

5. [+2,145, -56] So he finally admitted it ㅋㅋㅋ But it’s nothing to be proud of, he should be more careful

So who cares, right? Netizens, of course, cause they ain’t getting no dick/pussy.

Not only does he basically cop to a sex scandal, but he also pisses off the thirsty population of the Internet.

The best. THE BEST.

1) He boned a groupie. 2) The towel throwing meme has just become 100 times better.


Seungri, you attention-desperate weirdo, you have made my week.


Be entertained.