BoA promises to bring out the crazy for new drama, ‘Waiting For Romance’


When it comes to love, Queen B ain’t fucking around.

KBS have just released a trailer for BoA‘s upcoming drama, ‘Waiting for Romance‘, and it promises to be pretty entertaining.

SM Entertainment‘s acting forays garnered lukewarm applause at best (I’m looking at you, Krystal). People feel like pop stars are stretching into territories they have no business being in, especially if their original talents are lackluster at best.

But B’s already conquered the music stages. Concept-wise, she’s done it all. (See:
sweet teen, rocker chick, sexy bitch, classy dame, contemporary pop act, etc.) Might as well shoot for ‘legit all-star entertainer’, right?

Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing her wild out in a restaurant and portray that jaded chick who hates cheesy romantic shit after being dumped by a great guy. If anything, it’d be a nice change from her usual composed image.

So, do you think you’ll watch her new drama? Or are you gonna pass on it ’cause it’s got another pop star in the lead?


Author’s Note: There’s been some terrible translations of the drama title. Sure they might be technically correct, but it’s clumsy to read. Examples include: ‘Expect Dating‘, ‘Hope For Dating‘, and ‘Expect Romance‘. Asian Junkie is going with ‘Waiting For Romance‘ because it makes grammatical sense.

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