Bullshit Translator: Yang Hyun Suk’s interview on his “YG-SNSD” project


Yang Hyun Suk (aka ‘Papa YG’) recently opened up about his long-awaited ‘SNSD‘ project. Since the interview itself is rather ridiculous, I thought I’d translate the best bits for you.


“In all honesty, I wanted to create a group like SNSD. It’s not an area where I’m an expert in but I wanted to create a group of pretty girls who could sing well. I don’t know if it’s because of a tendency I have, but I focus more on talent over looks. Even if someone is so beautiful, if they don’t have the talent that I want, it won’t work.”

Translation: Finding industry-pretty girls who can actually sing is pretty fucking hard.

“I was also quite jealous of Girls’ Generation. I thought…what if a bunch of pretty girls do hip hop? ……However, as time passed, my plans started to fall apart.”

Translation: I saw what happened to Wassup and called for an incinerator to burn all my plans.


“Even at this point, I still don’t think I can be 100% satisfied. I’m not sure if the group will consist of 5 members or 3.”

Translation: I have no fucking idea what to do with this shitstorm I created, but since all of you are praying for my failure, I’m gonna fake it ’til I make it.

“I’m going to think more carefully about the girl group. I’m thinking of debuting a boy group first.”

Translation: In the meantime, let me pull out my laser pointer and distract you with this random boyband who have to survive YG Entertainment’s ‘Battle Royale‘.


And there you have it, folks. Media bullshit, decoded.

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