Fashion Photo Analysis: SNSD’s Hyoyeon, 2PM’s Taecyeon, and more for ‘First Look’


Fashion pictorials are always fun to rifle through, but I always feel like I’m taking cheap shots with my comments…

…that feeling goes away after I remember fashion is really just bullshit in textile format.

First Look‘ magazine have unveiled their latest collection of celebrities wearing weird shit, and strangely enough, I see a theme threading the pictures together.

This issue’s concept is: multi-purpose clothing.



Here we have actor Lee Hyun Woo modelling the latest in Communist style. Psy can’t hold a candle to comrade Lee and his dual-function blazer (wear it to look fashionable, wave it to hypnotize disgruntled Communists back into the fold!).


SNSD‘s Hyoyeon is rocking a voluminous dress that combines the avant-garde with waste initiatives. Feel free to dump your trash down her skirt and then wipe your hands with the ribbon on top. All waste will be recycled into new songs for T-ara.


Now, this isn’t quite fashion, but one must truly admire Taecyeon‘s runway-strip down his armpit. Carefully manicured armpit hair is such a helpful road-post for lovers who have no idea what the fuck they’re doing. “I don’t enjoy armpit sex. This way to my dick!


And finally, we have Taecyeon providing one last piece of multi-function fashion, this time for the K-pop masses. The shirt reads, ‘I Was There‘, and it serves to forever remind fans that he stuck the D in Jessica (and don’t you ever forget it!).

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