Johnny Erasme is calling out YG Entertainment for … covering his dances


Johnny Erasme has spent the last hour or so on Twitter ranting at YG Entertainment over YG’s new reality show where they show exactly how they poke and prod their cattle on their way to becoming the next Big Bang or whatever.

I’m not sure if he realizes that “Who Is Next” is just a show or not, but he keeps talking about wanting a check from YG.

The problem? What he’s doing is the equivalent of Madonna suing an ‘American Idol‘ contestant for trying out with her song* … except the dance industry is lagging far behind the music industry in regards to copyright. This isn’t some official thing being released by YG and it’s certainly not being sold as is, it’s just a demonstration of choreography, which I’m highly doubting was copyrighted.

*Yes, the publishing company would get royalties from FOX for “Like A Virgin” or whatever, but she wouldn’t.

You could argue that they should credit him/gotten his approval in some fashion, and I’d agree with that, but this whole “call out” is sad at worst and uninformed at best.

Unless there’s something more to this, the only check he’s getting is one that he writes to himself.


Be entertained.