KARA raids Madonna’s closet for ‘Full Bloom’ comeback + a word about Tigerpunch

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Ever since their spectacular in-fighting controversy in 2010, KARA‘s comeback remains one of the most anticipated events on the K-pop calendar. After all, who doesn’t love the comeback kid?

This year, the girls raided Madonna‘s ’80s closet for inspiration. They’ve decided to go for ‘gender-bender’ (à la “Express Yourself“) and ‘virginal smut'(“Like a Virgin“).

Exhibit A: KARA’s “Princess“, Madonna’s “Like A Virgin”



Exhibit B: KARA’s “Can’t Be A Lady“, Madonna’s “Express Yourself”




Yeah, the idea seems pretty cliché to me, but for some reason, KARA’s ‘Full Bloom‘ concept is drawing dicklickers from all over the globe, praising the group for their “originality”.

They’re just pretty faces in wedding dresses and men’s suits. Flatter than a Coke left out for three days. But shallow is as shallow does, I guess. (I’m waiting for IATFB to swoop down like Zeus and smite me for this blasphemy).


Meanwhile, I wrote this article praising SNSD‘s YoonA in her latest CF. To help you come to terms with my outrageous standards, I’ve taken a page from ‘Wreck-It Ralph‘.


“I have bad taste, and that’s good. I will never understand popular tastes, and that’s not bad. There’s no one I’d rather be, than the conflicted and outrageous me.”


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