Obituary: Utada Hikaru’s mom found dead in Shinjuku


If you’ve been around the J-pop scene, the name Utada Hikaru shouldn’t be a foreign one. Unfortunately for most of us, the importance of her mother’s name is a new fact, at best.

On August 22, Nikkan Sports reported that Fuji Keiko (real name: Utada Junko) was found dead in the Shinjuku district of Tokyo. It’s believed that she jumped from a building to her death.

Apart from being the mother to one of J-pop’s queens, Fuji was a legend in her own right in the enka genre. Her 1970 smash-hit single, “Shinjuku No Onna“, tells the story of a woman who works the night life, and how she got suckered into loving someone who drank up her affection and threw her away.

To be honest, I don’t know much about Keiko beyond that. But give “Shinjuku no Onna” a play-through and pour some whiskey on the ground for her.


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